In this section I will briefly describe some technical issues concerning knives. What, from what and how, so among others:
– how my knives are made,
– what materials do I use,
– how to take care of knives,
– how handmade knives differ from the factory ones.

How my knives are made?

All my knives are made by hand, beginning from forging of steel to sewing and waxing of sheath. In the initial stage the steel is usually in form of rods, 20-28 mm in diameter. The steel is heated in the coal forge and hammered to rough shape of the knife. Forging can take from less than an hour to several days, depending on the type of knife and steel used. Repeated heating, and cooling, together with shape changes influences positively the carbon and low alloy steels by decreasing the grain size, and hence increasing toughness of the material.