How to order?

To buy one of my knives you may choose one from the available, let me make a new one simillar to one from the gallery (changes are of course possible), or order a completely new project suited exactly to your needs. Because of the fact that developing a new design often takes many hours and sometimes multiple contact with the customer is needed, I charge additional 100PLN for new, individual designs.

The procedure is as follows:

1.Please write me an e-mail with description of the knife, the more details I have the better.  You may also include your own drawing, it doesn’t have to be perfec and certainlly will be very helpful.
2.As soon as possible I try to answer the e-mail with estimated price, and usually some further questions concerning the project.
3. I send the design of the knife and if we agree on it and the price, I ask for some advance payment for materials. After that the knife waits in the queue for its turn.
4.When the knife is ready I ask for the rest of the payment and I send the package.



What should be included in the description of ordered knife?

First of all its use, dimensions, preffered type of steel (stainless/carbon), handle and sheath materials. Information about the budget for the knife is also very helpful . Important is also the size of your hand (measured according to the picture below), please also take into account if the knife is supposed to be used in glove or not.
Please also write what will be the mostly used type of grip and how the knife will be carried (for the propper design of the sheath).