About me

At this point I should write when I made my first knife,  how young I was and how many knives I made since then.

Honestly, I do not remember how old I was, and the first product was not a knife, but a machete. It was ugly, rough, forged from spring of Maluch (Fiat 126p). It hadn’t started a series of great knives, but have put a seed to the ground.
And the seed sprouted in the least expected moment. In Budapest, at an international scientific conference, in the second year of my doctorate. During workshops concerning our further career development, we were asked to describe where we really would like to be in five years and what steps do we have to make to achieve this. I couldn’t imagine myself in any position at any large company or university .
The only thing that I realized was a dream that was put aside long time ago – dream of doing something with my own hands.
Something useful, unique and beautiful. And knives interested me since I can remember – beautiful in their simplicity, accompanying the man almost from the beginning of human kind.
A simple tool with countless applications and forms – from simple working to artworks.

All were writing about their scientific careers, and
I could only draw an anvil and myself at it with a hammer in my hand. When I was admiring my drawing, a portuguese guy, that was sitting next to me, looked at it. After a while he looked into my eyes and asked: “what are you still doing here?

to be continued…